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Fire Alarms

As an integral part of your company’s health and safety policy, a commercial fire alarm should be one of the most important safety features at your property.

Our comprehensive fire alarm service includes the professional installation of high quality detection systems. Perfect for any residential or commercial setting, they provide complete protection for a host of environments, from large-scale factories to small offices. Whether you want a new, complete fire alarm installation or you wish to add to an existing system, our dedicated team have the skills and experience necessary to guarantee flawless results that you can rely on.

All our products including detectors, fire panels, sounders and beacons are highly dependable, conforming to the highest standards set by the fire and security industry. Our engineers are highly qualified so you can rely on us to put your business in safe hands.

Never burn your fingers by cutting corners with your fire alarm, we at ITEC Security take time to survey, measure buildings, and design to required Levels.

Ranging from conventional to analogue systems, we also offer Fire Extinguisher service.